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Customized backup and disaster recovery

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

Customized backup and disaster recovery

AUSACORP does daily backups of your most essential data,  so if anything should happen, your disaster recovery can commence promptly to limit the negative impact on your business.

Backup now Backup Often

Your data is what keeps your business running day in and day it, why risk losing income and/or clients when something goes wrong. Ausacorp has a range of backup data protection plans to suit any budget.

Storage Types

How you store your backups has a huge impact on being able to reliably and quickly access what you need. We make sure there is no “single point of failure” when it comes to getting your backups promptly so your restore process happens quickly and with as minimal downtime as possible.

Keep it safe

Where you store your important files is just as important. Usb and Hard drives can fail , cds or dvds can get scratched, risking your continuation of business We keep ALL your backups securely offsite with no issue quickly accessing them when you need to.

Cloud Services

AUSACORP Cloud is a term used to allow businesses to keep their applications or data storage needs offsite and secure with means to expand or offer redundancy with relative ease.

Everyday Use

We all use “The Cloud” these days in many aspects of our business lives, Google searches, business websites, video conferencing, storing documents in the cloud and of course emails. Combining all these into one centralized place can help reduce costs and training time which Ausacorp can help you with.

What Services

Basically anything IT related to your business can be pushed to the cloud. Ausacorp offers a wide range of cloud services for all areas of your business, just speak to one of our friendly staff with what you would like and we will customize a plan to your specific needs.

Cost Effective

The main reason alot of businesses are moving to the cloud is cost, The need for exepensive equipment on premises is no longer viable, it generally has better security, better uptimes  with practically zero power outages and the ability to expand quickly with your business makes moving to the cloud i real cost effective option.

Cyber Security

We here as AUSACORP take your information security very seriously, we train our staff with this in mind and with an always changing security landscape this is no easy task to keep ahead.

Update when Possible

Upating is arguably the single most important thing you can do for your systems and servers. Keeping everything updated from a business perspective can be a monumental task, let Ausacorp help.

Anti Virus/Spyware

This is one of the front line items that helps keep your technology safe, having the right balance of ease of use and robustness for your particular environment can be overwhelming. Speak to one of our highly qualified staff about how we can assist with your needs.

Regular Audits

Making sure which systems are functioning as they should, keeping things running smoothly and auditing your employees BYOD is a tall task for any organization. Ausacorp has plans that can suit any needs, big or small.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

24/7 one of our helpful staff is available to help you in all aspects of your business operation, we can be reached via our Freecall 1800 number along with our live support feature on our main website that our operators are ready to chat to you LIVE or you can email us at your leisure should a question/query or request not need an emergency response.

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What People Are Saying

I have been a client of Ausacorp for many years now. They are professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. They have gone out of there way on several occasions helping me with technical issues. I recommend Ausacorp to anyone who needs help with computers or web related services.

Zach H

Intuitive Design

Ausacorp has been invaluable to my web business keeping my web applications secure, updated, and monitored. The amount of cyber attacks they catch before they can happen is amazing!

Jeremiah B

Fantastic webhost. Been with Ausacorp for almost 20 years and quite a few websites over time. I currently have a photography and a recipe website through Ausacorp. Always helped with problems and resolved any issues. Will be using them for my websites in the future and recommend to others.

Melissa S

Mouthwatering Munchies